Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hot Springs

Vicki, Sherri and I headed to Hot Springs for the Child Abuse and Neglect Conference on Wednesday. The seminars were great! I only heard one speaker the whole time I was there, but gained a ton of information. I usually bounce around listening to a variety of topics, but I was hooked on the very first speaker I heard. He is a detective from Texas and had a wealth of insight on child sexual abuse issues. He really got my mind thinking about a lot of things and what direction I want to go in professionally. Not to say I don't love what I do, but I have always been interested in the investigation aspect of crime. I am one by nature, so I think that is why I have such a strong drive to go into the field.

The other greats things about going on a work trip to Hot Springs is that we always stay at the Arlington Resort Hotel and Spa. I love the ambiance of that place. So relaxing. Typically, Vicki and I go to the bath house there and get the works-bath, towel wrap, and massage. To my surprise, neither of us were all that interested in it this time around. We hung out in the lobby the first night and had a few drinks while we listened to a little live music. We ate good food...Porterhouse, On The Border and Rolando's. If you are ever in Hot Springs you must check out Rolando's. Have the Adventure Platter...I promise you won't regret it!

True to our tradition, Friday afternoon we headed to Oaklawn Park for some horseracing fun. I am not a gambler, but it is fun to do it once a year. I don't ever spend more than twenty bucks and every once in a while I leave there breaking even.

Ahhh, now the good stuff. Shopping! What I look forward to most is strolling down Central Ave. and checking out all the neat shops. Scores this time around...shiny black/white/grey cheveron handbag, handpainted art, choker with two pendants (cross and high heel shoe), mango lime salsa, fru fru napkins, wall cross, and gifts for Elijah and the Allens.

Who will you be voting for on November 4th?