Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's in the bag

People are always asking me "what all do you carry in that bag?" I love to carry big bags and they are usually packed full of things that I believe to be useful in any given situation. So, here are the exciting things I have been carrying around lately in my awesome bag I found while in Hot Springs last week.

  • cell phone
  • book of stamps
  • digital camera with case and two spare batteries
  • Shout spot eraser pen

  • calculator

  • notary stamp

  • eyeglasses with case

  • four ponytail holders

  • "Foxy"-pepper spray

  • three prescriptions for Elijah I have yet to get filled

  • four pens

  • two pencils

  • business cards and card holder

  • six medications

  • three tampons

  • hairspray

  • hand lotion

  • clear nail polish

  • three binder clips

  • Crystal Light on-the-go lemonade packet

  • two tins of Ice Breakers pomegranate lemon-aid mints

  • tin of Ice Breakers peppermint mints

  • pack of Trident gum

  • roll of wintergreen Lifesavers

  • two lighters

  • two wallets which contain
    check book
    check register
    an assortment of receipts
    one Chuck E. Cheese token
    four dollars
    $1.21 in change
    driver's license
    variety of cards

  • powder compact

  • lipstick/eyeshadow compact

  • eyeshadow compact

  • powder brush

  • blush brush

  • "L" zip bag that contains my digital picture keychain with the cable cord and disc

  • insulted make-up bag which has
    strawberry lip gloss
    Clinique Happy perfume
    nail file
    two tweezers
    loose powder blush
    blush compact
    four shades of lip liner
    two shades of concealer
    three black mascara
    three eyeliners
    eyeshadow compact
    thirteen lipsticks

Who will you be voting for on November 4th?