Thursday, July 03, 2008

I'm concerned...

When I went to pick Elijah up this afternoon, one of his little friend girls came running up and gave him a hug goodbye. As we were walking down the hall she yelled out "Elijah, I love you!" Elijah twirled around and gave me an evil eye. He said, "Ummm, I'm embarrassed. That kinda makes me nervous. She shouldn't say that while I am trying to talk to you!"

Seriously? At four years old!

I got tanked...

Our church is doing a VBS fundraiser this year which involves this great creation that is currently sitting in my front yard. I knew it would end up at my house at some point. The note accompanying this fine masterpiece stated Tommy and Misty sent it to me. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that this was all on James.

The problem is, no one wants to claim responsibility for removing the unwanted throne. James says call Scott, Scott says call James. All I know is the port-a-potty better be gone sometime in the very near future!

Who will you be voting for on November 4th?