Saturday, May 03, 2008

Memphis in May

So, at 31 years old I finally got to experience the Memphis in May Musicfest. I have wanted to go for several years now, but just never did. My uncle had a couple extra tickets to Saturday's show, so I invited my friend, Kara, to go with me. We ate lunch at Silky O'Sullivan's and walked around Beale for awhile, then headed over to Tom Lee Park. We didn't really know any of the bands that were playing, so we just walked from one tent to the other checking it all out. Kara and I are both people watchers, and let me tell ya, there was plenty of colorful people to watch!

Acts we caught...Eli "Paperboy" Reed, Preston Shannon, Al Kapone, Muck Sticky, Tegan and Sara, and Colbie Caillat. Word of advice, Muck Sticky is wildly offensive. Needless to say, we promptly left that area. Loved Preston Shannon and he had Ali Woodson, former lead singer of the original Temptations, singing "My Girl". It was a great performance. Al Kapone was insightful :) "I'm gonna shine like brand new jewelry" is my new saying. I don't think I will ever get that song out of my head. Kara and I found it quite comical. We headed over to the Budweiser stage while Tegan and Sara were playing so we could get some prime standing room for Colbie. Out of all the performers that is who we both wanted to see. Kara did a fine job of working us up to the stage. Then the dreaded happened...I HAD to go to the restroom. Mind you, I already had the beginning stages of a bladder infection so I knew there was no way I could hold it until the show was over. By the time I got back, some 40 minutes later, there was no way I could get back through the crowd. I did get to hear my two favorite songs, Bubbly and Realize, and Kara took awesome pictures for me.

We decided to leave after Colbie and grab some dinner at Alfred's on Beale. On our way out, I ran into an old friend from Fayetteville. I haven't seen or talked to her in years. She was there with her bachlorette party. It is funny how much life changes in a few short years.

Who will you be voting for on November 4th?