Saturday, July 26, 2008


  • Elijah: Mom, are you going the speed lemon?

  • While pretending to be a Ninja Turtle...
    Elijah: I can beat any adversary that comes my way.
    Mom and myself: Spewing coke out the nose and laughing hysterically.

  • Eiijah: Wanna play tip-tap-toe?

These are the days...

I pray has a profound impact on E's life. Elijah's papa is such a wonderful blessing to us. He loves unconditionally and gives so much. Elijah loves his papa like nobodies business. Do not mess with his papa, or even insinuate that you might. Elijah will morph on you in a split second. Chillin' at the creek

Walkin' a trail

Slip-n-Slide fun

Yup, drivin' the truck

Jack and the Bean Stalk

We went to see Jack and the Bean Stalk last night at the Fowler Center. Another great performance put on by the ASU Summer Children's Theatre.
Elijah and Jack

The Giant and E

Who will you be voting for on November 4th?