Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lake Frierson

Well, our church is currently in transition. We had our last service in our old building last Sunday. The new building is not quite ready, so we had church service at Lake Frierson today. We couldn't have asked for a better day. It was absolutely beautiful. The praise band held an acoustic service and Mike spoke about what it means to truely follow God. After the service we ate hamburgers and hot dogs and the all the kiddos headed down the edge of the lake. They had a blast throwing rocks. It is the simple things in life that bring so much joy. Then we headed over to the playground while the cell groups had a little volleyball fun. Saraya and Elijah were like two peas in a pod...everywhere one went the other was not far behind.


I decided I would start documenting the funny things Elijah says. If I could remember them all it would be in the hundreds. Unfortunately, one thing I wasn't blessed with is a good memory. He is quite possibly the funniest kid I know (of course I may be a tad partial). Most of the things he says is comical, but every once and awhile I cringe. Here are some of the most recent...

  • As I am opening a new tube of toothpaste...

Elijah: Mom, is that mine?

Me: Yes.

Elijah: Oh thank you mom! You're so brave!

  • As we're driving down the road...

Elijah: Mama, that idiot needs to get off the road, don't he?

(wonder where he got that???)

  • As I am flying around the room getting ready in the morning...

Elijah: Is Aunt Vicki and Ol' Raspberries going to beat you up if your late for work?

(Vicki and Ol' Raspberries aka Sherri are my bosses)

  • As we are driving down Caraway past Burger King...

Elijah: Mom, mom! That is where Uncle Michele and Aunt MaScott took me the other day!

(Uncle Michele and Aunt McScott are two of my closest friends)

  • Driving to Lake Frierson for our church service we go over a pretty steep hill (the kind where you lose your stomach) and it probably didn't help that I was speeding a bit...

Elijah: Whoooooa Mom! You better hang on to your britches!


What an amazing group of people. I love them all dearly!

Summer Fun

I've been thinking of some activities that I can get Elijah involved in this summer. I was going to sign him up for t-ball, but I waited around until the teams were full. He will still being going to pre-school throughout the summer, but I think I am going to do this "letter of the week" idea I have heard about. Basically, you focus on a different letter each week and do activities that relate to that letter. I think it will be fun and a great learning tool to boot. Not only that, it will get us out of the house more often. Stay tuned for "letter A" and ideas of what we will be doing!

Who will you be voting for on November 4th?